Eco-Friendly Plantable Seed Pencils (White Paper)


Key Highlights

Woodfree Recycled Newspaper Pencil.
Smooth to Write / Draw and Easy to Sharpen.
No Breakages While Sharpening.
Extra Dark Black Lead (2B).
Set of 5 Seed Variants – Flowers / Herbs / Vegetables
Pack of 10 Pencils.



  1. From Use & Throw To Use & GROW!
  2. Each Pencil Has a Bulb of Seeds at The Bottom. Once the Pencil is Too Short to Use, It can be Planted and Grown into a Plant .
  3. Set of 5 Seed Variants – Flowers / Herbs / Vegetables
  4. Planting Instructions Mentioned On The Packaging
  5. A Great Way To Bring Our Kids, Closer to The Nature
  6. The Pencil Shavings are Paper and Can Be Added to Wet Waste/ Compost Bin
  7. Non-Toxic, Safe and Eco-Friendly
  8. 100% Bio-Degradable Packaging
  9. Perfect for All Art & Craft,General Home, Office And School Use
  10. An Exciting Gifting Option For Eco-Warriors


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