Frequently Asked Questions!!

How do We know if a Product is Eco – Friendly?2022-10-10T14:26:31+00:00

In general, products should meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Be less polluting & minimize waste
  • Maximize the use of bio‐based or recycled materials
  • Conserve energy and water & are made from renewable materials
  • Are compostable, or biodegradable
  • Produce fewer polluting by-products and safety hazards during use and disposal
    than competing products
Which eco-friendly products can be used in daily life?2022-10-10T14:27:38+00:00

Some Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Our Everyday Use are:

  • Recycled Paper Pencils
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Bamboo Straws
  • Bamboo Earbuds
  • Jute Shopping Bags
  • Areca Leaf Plates
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles
Are Prithwe Products Eco – Friendly?2022-10-10T14:28:09+00:00

Yes, all the Prithwe Products are Eco – Friendly. We follow a Sustainable approach, in Everything right from Products to Packaging.

Are Prithwe Products Safe for Children?2022-10-10T14:28:34+00:00

Yes ! We use only Natural Food Grade Colours which are Safe for Children

Can We Compost these Products in Home Compost?2022-10-10T14:29:02+00:00

Yes, All our Products are crafted in a way that they can be composted at Home as well as in Industrial Compost

Do you Ship Pan India?2022-10-10T14:29:40+00:00

Yes We Ship across India.


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