About Us

Prithwe was started with an aim to find Eco-Friendly and Sustainable alternatives for our Every day Lives. With Small Changes in our Day-to-Day Life, We can make a Big impact on our Future.

We Pride Ourselves in bringing You Products, that will help You on Your journey to a Zero Waste Lifestyle. These Products are not only Centered around the Health and Wellbeing of the Earth, but also the Health and Wellbeing of Your Family.

Prith-We (Earth and Us) can continue to Exist only if we Co-Exist Harmoniously, without Harming Each other. It is now Time to make Responsible Choices and start a Conscious way of Living. Hence our Tag-line ‘Responsible us’ !

If Each of us Replaces one regularly used product with an Eco-friendly Substitute, the Environment will become much Cleaner and Greener!

Lets make our Prithwe a Greener, Cleaner and Happier Place to Live, While making Ourselves Healthier and Happier Too!