Eco-Friendly Recycled Newspaper Pencils


Key Highlights

Woodfree Recycled Newspaper Pencil.
Smooth to Write / Draw and Easy to Sharpen.
No Breakages While Sharpening.
Extra Dark Black Lead (2B).
Pack of 10 Pencils.


Additional Information :

1. These Unique Wood-Free Pencils Are Made From Your Daily Newspaper!
2. No Trees Were Harmed During The Making Of These Pencils
3. The Pencil Shavings are Paper and Can Be Added to Wet Waste/ Compost Bin
4. Non-Toxic, Safe and Eco-Friendly
5. Packaging Made From 100% Bio-Degradable Paper
6. Perfect for All Art & Craft, General Home, Office And School Use
7. An Exciting Gifting Option For Eco-Warriors


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